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Established plant based cook based in Melbourne, Australia.


How does it work?

Well every client is different and and the service can be tailored in any way to work in best with you.  All meals are prepared by a personal chef in the comfort of your own home on any day and at any time that suits you (and around existing clients of course)

Firstly you advise what meals and how many meals you require per week.  As an example lunches and dinners for 5 nights a week for 2 adults and also one desert or baked good such as a cheesecake or slice.  Then advise me of any additional requirements such as organic only, diabetic, gluten free, sugar free , oil free, soy free etc 

Then simply each week you will be emailed a customised menu form for you to select what you would like.  This way you can control how much food is prepared in case circumstances change such as you may be having dinner out one night for example so need one dinner less on a particular week.  Or perhaps your Mother is visiting so you need increased portions.  

Would rather not have to decide? No problem, to save you more time If you prefer a customised set menu can be  emailed to you each week (no selection required)

Once you return the form there are two options on how we can do the shopping.  Ingredients can either be delivered by the amazingly convenient service that is Your Grocer directly or selected and purchased ahead of time by you. Whichever works best for you

Then I simply arrive to your home on the agreed day and time.  Prepare the meals requested for you and package them into labelled containers.  Once cleaned up you will receive an email with heating and final preparation instructions for each meal.

What is the cost?  I charge by the hour as this changes depending on how many meals you require, once I have more information from you I can provide an estimate.



Still want to cook?  No problem!  To save you time and to keep your weekly meals interesting, healthy and balanced you can be sent a customised menu and shopping list each week, with meal preparation instructions and recipes


If you would like to discuss your needs and my rates further please feel feel to email with any questions or use the contact us form



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